The bakery equipments have slowly become house appliances that can be found in any kitchen, particularly due to the fact that they can produce the perfect bread or dough for cookies, various cakes and other such products in a matter of hours, without requiring any type of interference. Moreover, the bread machines usually come with a manual and a booklet filled with various recipes the customers can use to create the perfect bread, according to their wishes.

West Bend 41300 Hi-Rise is one of the bread maker machine that can be found on the market and, according to the numerous bread machine reviews through which the customers have voiced their opinion regarding this product, it is worth every penny because it can simply make your life better.

First of all, the first thing one notices about this particular product is the beautiful appearance. It is one of the best bread maker machine in terms of appearance, something very important for the customer. Most customers would immediately choose a more beautifully looking product instead of a less good looking one and this West Bend model truly stands out in the crown. However, besides the appearance, there are many other features it comes with that make using it a very simple task.

The West Bend 41300 Hi-Rise stands out in the crowd as one of the best bread maker machine on the market first of all because of the size of loafs it can create. After adding the ingredients in, the bread machine mixes and creates loafs of many sizes such as one pound loafs, one pound and a half, two pound or two pound and a half loafs. This means that the customer has the possibility of choosing the size of the loaf, without being restricted to a specific size.

The crust

For some people, the crust is the most important thing on bread or a cake. This is why having a feature that gives the customer the choice of choosing the exact type of crust they would like to have on the bread is highly important for a bread machine. This feature is one that contributes to this model as being the best bread makermachine, as the West Bend 41300 allows the customer to choose the perfect shade of crust from the three it comes with.

The timer

Some people may want to program the bread maker machine ahead of time, to make sure that their bread will be fresh out of the oven at a particular time, perhaps when the guests will arrive. The West Bend 41300 has this feature and allows the customers to program the time up to 12 hours ahead, which makes it into one of the best bread machine.


West Bend 41300 is the best bread machine on the market at the present moment, particularly due to the numerous useful features it comes with. At the price it is sold to combined with the numerous positive bread machine reviews it has received, the West Bend 41300 is one of the best bread maker machine money can buy.